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Sardines & Beef 10x 250gr

Sardines & Beef 10x 250gr

Von Barf Croatia
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Benefits Of Raw Diet:

  • Relieves Allergies
  • Optimum Digestion
  • More Energy 
  • Better Gut Microbiome
  • Better Nutrition
  • Healthier & Shinier Coat
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Smaller & Better Poops
  • Stronger Immune System

 Complete & balanced recipe with sardines & beef for skin & coat health

Von BARF Adriatic sardines comes in a package of 2.5kg. Contain 10x sausages of 250gr.

This food is intended for dogs with a sensitive digestive system. For dogs prone to allergies, dogs undergoing postoperative treatment, dogs with excess weight, and older dogs. It is particularly rich in enzymes and is extremely digestible.

    INGREDIENTS: sardines 45%, 25% beef meat, 13% beef bones & cartilage, 5% beef heart, 5% beef liver, 6% apple, carrots and green vegetables, 1% basil & oregano, sage.

    nutritional analysis:

    protein 15.5%/ fats 11.2%/ energy 166kcal/100gr

    * Keep in mind that any raw food package when you defrost it in the fridge it stays fresh only 3 days. So please it is important to choose the right package size. 

    * Always defrost in the fridge, please wash your hand & your pet bowl good after meal served.


    2-4 MONTHS OLD: 10-8% of body weight

    4-6 MONTHS OLD: 8-6% of body weight

    6-8 MONTHS OLD: 6-4% of body weight 

    8-12 MONTHS OLD: 4-3% of body weight


    3-2% of body weight