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Starter Box 2.5kg

Starter Box 2.5kg

Von Barf Croatia
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Benefits Of Raw Diet:

  • Relieves Allergies
  • Optimum Digestion
  • More Energy 
  • Better Gut Microbiome
  • Better Nutrition
  • Healthier & Shinier Coat
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Smaller & Better Poops
  • Stronger Immune System

Complete & Balanced single protein recipe for dogs with Beef, Organs, Vegetables & fruits.

Von BARF Starter comes in a package of 2.5 kg in two variations, the sausages in the package can be of 125 or 250 g.

This product is designed to acclimate BARF "beginners" to raw food. The food is intended for dogs of all ages and breeds in the first weeks (2-4 weeks) of switching to a BARF diet.

    INGREDIENTS: 63% beef meat, 10% beef heart, 15% cartilage & bones, 5% beef liver  6% fruits and veggies, 1% sweet red pepper 

    nutritional analysis:

    protein 15.8%/ fats 11.9%/ energy 181kcal/100gr

    * Keep in mind that any raw food package when you defrost it in the fridge it stays fresh only 3 days. So please it is important to choose the right package size. 

    * Always defrost in the fridge, please wash your hand & your pet bowl good after meal served.


    2-4 MONTHS OLD: 10-8% of body weight

    4-6 MONTHS OLD: 8-6% of body weight

    6-8 MONTHS OLD: 6-4% of body weight 

    8-12 MONTHS OLD: 4-3% of body weight


    3-2% of body weight