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Lecca Mat

Lecca Mat

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What is Licky Pad?

Licky pad is a flat silicone made mats designed for dogs and cats to lick the food over and over! Since they are flat, your pet is not able to grab the food with his teeth and must use his tongue instead. The result: it takes much longer to eat all the food!

Benefits of licky pads:

  • Fights boredom and enriches your pet life
  • Support healthy digestion 
  • Slow down eating and making it ideal for fast eaters
  • Support Oral Health ( the saliva production keeps the gum & teeth healthy)
  • De-stress action & calming effect ( the lick action in pets is a very pleasurable becuase it help in the production of endorphins the happiness hormone)
  • Perfect for pets that are always hungry ans ask for food

What food can I spread on a licky pads?

If your dog or cat is on raw food diet then absolutely the raw food meal is working great. Then if you like to spread foods as a treat time we recommend sheep or goat yogurt, goat kefir , almond or peanut butter ( only organic raw butter) commercial butter may contain toxin ingredients like xylitol or sugar or flavouring. Also a great option is pure vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumkin or fruits like pineapple , mangos, berries, apples or bananas.(always serve the veggies and fruits in pure form for better digestion). If your pet is having wet food yes great option too!


Medium: up to 400gr of raw food

Large: up to 1kg of raw food