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WormDefence Turkey & herbs Strips 125gr

WormDefence Turkey & herbs Strips 125gr

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Natural worm defence with our Turkey Herb-Strips

The easy and all-natural way to keep the dog healthy with a strong intestinal flora

Worms are a common problem for dogs. With dog owners wary of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs, many are turning to natural remedies to keep their canines healthy and worm-free. The great news is that there are many foods and herbs that can effectively eliminate the many different types of worms. And we have a brand new product which is not just tasty for every dog but also keeps the stomach and intestinal flora healthy! Our Pets Best WormDefence Herb-Strips are made of pure turkey meat with a great herb mixture, that helps to strengthen the digestive track and to create a  healthy feel-good atmosphere. But not for worms! The spicy and bitter substances of the herbs inside the Meat-Strip are optimising the intestinal environment and will help maintain the delicate ecosystem in the dog’s gut, but making it less habitable for worms. So it’s like a natural de-wormer.

What herbs are used? Pumpkin seeds, coconut, fennel and thyme are known for expelling intestinal worms from dogs and help to prevent reinfestation. Additionally it’s perfectly seasoned with rose hip peels (rich in Vitamin C to strengthen the whole immune system) and camomile which helps soothe many intestinal syndromes.

Of course this product is completly free of any artifical preservatives. Only pure turkey meat and a natural herb mixture.


Ingredients: 96% Turkey, 4% Herbs (rose hip peels, caraway, coconut, thyme, pumpkin seeds, fennel, ginger root, walnut leaves, elm bark, camomile, yarrow)