Hemp Seed Oil

What is it?

Hemp seed oil is cold pressed from fresh hemp seeds at a temperature of up to 40 degrees without any addition or further treatment. Pure oil with a surprising noisy taste; an enrichment during cooking. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are naturally rich in omega 3 & 6 and GLA (gamma-linoleic acid). These essential fatty acids include: your heart and blood vessels in good condition. Hemp seed oil is not suitable for baking, but is used on salads, in smoothies or over your pasta.


Organic Hemp seed oil (100%)


  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Supports a healthy weight

  • Increases energy

  • Improves condition of skin and fur

How to give it to your dog?

Most dog foods are like “fast foods” for humans - without all the nutrients and only made to taste good. Hemp seed oil is better than fish or flax seed based oils because it naturally has the perfect Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio ( 3:1 ) of fatty acids which your dog needs. Hemp oil moisturizes a dog’s skin and fur correctly because it is herbal and has virtually no side effects like fish oil - but it must be administered in the right quantities. Hemp seed oil prevents dog’s skin disorders such as dry nose, dog acne, dog eczema, dog rash and dog dandruff. 

Hemp seed oil can enhance blood circulation and stimulate a dog’s cognitive thinking. Plus, it can thicken its fur texture and lessen shedding. Again, because hemp oil is extracted from the “industrial hemp” plant there are no psychoactive reactors.

Here is the recommended dosage of hemp seed oil for pets: 

  • 10 lbs = 1ml

  • 20 lbs = 1.5ml

  • 30 lbs = 2ml

  • 40 lbs = 2ml

  • 50 lbs = 3ml

  • 60 lbs = 3.5ml

  • 70 lbs = 4ml

  • 80 lbs = 4.5ml

  • 90+ lbs = 5ml



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