Hemp Oil & Spirulina


  1. Organic Oat Flakes

  2. Banana

  3. Honey

  4. Organic Coconut Oil

  5. Egg

  6. Organic Cannabis Oil

  7. Organic Spirulina

All treats are made with love at our workshop and we only use fresh and organic ingredients.

The package comes in 100g.

Cubes or Bones shapes.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

  1. Reduces Anxiety

  2. Can Help Fight Cancer

  3. Can Help Manage Seizures And Epilepsy

  4. Relieves Pain

  5. Helps With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  6. Reduces Chronic Inflammation And Autoimmune Disease

  7. Can Protect The Nervous System And Help With Neurodegenerative Diseases

Benefits of Spirulina

  1. Strengthen the immune system

  2. Improve gastrointestinal health

  3. Aid in detoxification

  4. Reduce the rate of cancer

  5. Help allergies

Daily ammount of Cookies


1 - 2


2 - 3


3 - 4



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