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Rabbit Ears 2pc
Rabbit Ears 2pc

Rabbit Ears 2pc

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Natural and well excepted dog treat also by dogs with sensitive digestions

All-natural dried Rabbit Ears are great way to keep the dog amused while cleaning its teeth and strengthening its jaw muscles.

These treats are high quality, species appropriate chews which are wholesome and nutritious. Of course they are made without the use of artificial additives and 100% pure Rabbit. The result is a natural and healthy chew snack that will keep the dog happy and busy.

*Prce is per pair.

  • 100% Rabbit Ears
  • Without artificial additives
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for small breed dogs too
  • Fully digestible 
  • Help keep the dog’s teeth clean

Why Fur?

fur is an essential part of carnivores diet:

  • it is a natural source of manganese, a trace mineral that's needed for the proper function of enzymes, neurological function and bone development.
  • excellent source of fibre, that cleans the gut & colon and keeps their digestive system moving.
  • one of the best natural dewormer, fur helps clean the intestinal wall as it passes through the intestinal system, taking out all the unwanted visitors (worms)


Ingredients: 100% air dried rabbit ears.