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PRO-VET salmon oil 500ml

PRO-VET salmon oil 500ml

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PRO-VET.® SALMON OIL is a supplement for dog food.
Salmon oil is produced exclusively from Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) reared in Scottish sea lochs under carefully controlled natural and environmentally compatible conditions.

PRO-VET.® SALMON OIL of the highest quality - a natural source of essential Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids with a high content of EPA and DHA, which can contribute to reduce the risk on various diseases and have a beneficial effect on the heart. DHA helps to maintain a good eyesight and has a positive effect on the brain function. The oil is gently released from the fresh fish tissues by a novel natural process, where no harsh chemicals or high temperatures are used. It is not subjected to the drastic conditions required for chemical or physical ‘refining’ and retains its own endogenous antioxidant system to stabilise it and to protect it against oxidation.
Dioxin levels are negligible due to dioxin filtration system.Low temp process of our salmon oil retains natural antioxidants and vitamins.

PRO-VET.® SALMON OIL preserved with natural antioxidant, strong tocopherol-rich extract (vitamin E). 

 salmon oil 99.5%, d-mixed tocopherol 0.5%.

Recommended daily dosage:
2ml for puppies from 3 months (± 2 pumps)
4ml for 12kg adult dogs (± 3 pumps)
8ml for 12-24kg adult dogs (± 5 pumps)
12ml for 24-48kg adult dogs (± 8 pumps)
16ml for adult dog 48kg > (± 11 pumps)

Directions for use: Turn the pump to the left to open the flacon and supply the recommended dosage to the dog food (dry or wet). After use, close the pump and store the flacon in the refrigerator. Please take care that the flacon will always remain in vertical position. Each pump contains ± 1.40ml. Daily intake of salmon oil helps your dog to stay vital.

Note: You may inform your veterinarian or animal nutritionist if you are using salmon oil to help treat a specific condition in your dog, or consult in case your dog already uses prescribed medication. Excess consumption may have a laxative effect. Bottled in The Netherlands.

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