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Oculus Prime 150gr
Oculus Prime 150gr

Oculus Prime 150gr

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Co-formulated by canine nutrition specialist Dr Conor Brady, Oculus Prime is a popular, natural, antibiotic-free solution to weepy eyes in pets.


Nobody likes to see their best friend with unsightly tear stains and discolouring on their face! That is why we formulated Oculus Prime, a natural blend of brown and red seaweeds that prevents tear stains! 

Oculus Prime contains a specially selected blend of sustainably harvested sea plants that are potent anti-inflammatories of the mucosa. As well as being wonderfully nutritious it reduces water leakage from the eyes (and thus tear staining) by combatting the inflammation that causes it.

  • Contains 2 seaweeds, 1 seaweed extract and 1 red sea moss
  • Sustainably harvested from the cool Irish Atlantic and air dried
  • Helps soothe irritated eyes
  • Reduces water leakage from the eyes by combatting the inflammation that causes it
  • Reduces tear stains over time
  • Assists in the elimination of free radicals

Daily Feeding Amount

Small dogs & cats ( up to 10kg) 1 scoop

Medium dogs ( 10-20kg) 1-2 scoops

Large dogs (20kg+) 2 scoops +

Oculus Prime has 150 grams of product in it and will last a small pet 75 days.

If using any other seaweed products in your pet's diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

*Included in this supplement is an easy-to-measure 2-gram scoop.

**This product is not intended to replace any veterinary medication or prescribed diets.

***If a dog is suffering from hyperthyroidism consult your veterinary practitioner