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Parasital fleas & ticks spray 400ml

Parasital fleas & ticks spray 400ml

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PARASITAL® repellent lotion, thanks to its composition, based on natural active ingredients, acts effectively against external parasites. It is effective against ticks, fleas, flies and the mosquito that transmits Leishmaniasis. In this way, these insects will no longer be a problem, providing well-being and peace of mind to both the owner and the pets.


The products in the PARASITAL® range are indicated to eliminate the discomfort caused by insects and mites, so common in the lives of our pets. With a high repellency and persistence capacity, PARASITAL® repellent lotion takes care of animals naturally. Approved independent laboratories guarantee the extraordinary effectiveness and persistence of the active ingredients. Experimental studies have also demonstrated its repellent effectiveness against mosquitoes of the genus Phlebotomus, transmitters of Leishmaniasis. PARASITAL® provides a degree of comfort and well-being that makes the daily life of the animal and its owner easier. PARASITAL® repellent lotion can be used to repel attacks by fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes on our animals.

How to use it:

for treatmeant spray on your dog coat daily for 3 days, then repeat for 1 time per week. NOT USE FOR CATS

composition: chrysantemium cinerarioefolium 0.06%, lavandin essential oil 0.22%, excipients q.s.p 100%