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Retro Mixtape Scratcher

Retro Mixtape Scratcher

District 70
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Retro cat scratcher MIXTAPE

We all know our feline friends love to lounge around in cardboard boxes, but having lots of empty boxes in our home don’t really make for great interior design. Why spending an afternoon relaxing in a boring, plain and old box, when there is also the opportunity to scratch their own mix tape? Let your cat rewind to the 80s by sticking its paws into the small holes!

Unique design

Our feline friends love to scratch furniture for exercise, pleasure and marking their territory, so why not mix that instinct with a bit of fun? Available in two colours, the MIXTAPE is inspired by the shape of a cassette tape. Your cat will be able to scratch both the inside and outside of the MIXTAPE, get on the roof to take a quick nap or sleep inside when they actually prefer to hide. This cat scratcher should be at the top of every kitty’s to-buy list and will provide dozens of funny pictures for your Instagram account!

Save the furniture in your home

Has your cat played with cardboard boxes before? Then you know that cats are crazy about everything that includes cardboard. This MIXTAPE will be no exception at all! The texture of corrugated cardboard provides the right place to satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instinct. Corrugated cardboard allows cats to sharpen their nails, saving the furniture in your home. The reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than most others. We only use the finest corrugated cardboard which contains harmless glue and is free from odours.

Blends into any decor

Need to bring some style and functionality to your cat’s life? The cat scratching furniture of District 70 makes an attractive alternative to the traditional cat trees and scratching posts for cats. Not only is this MIXTAPE cat scratcher fun for your furry friend, it is also a beautiful and funny addition to your home!

Reasons to love

  • Trendy cat scratcher which provides endless fun
  • The reversible feature makes the scratching life last longer than most others
  • Both inside and outside scratching opportunities
  • Made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard
  • Fun retro design 
  • Dimensions: 54 x 31 x 35 cm